Hi there friends, or strangers i guess.

My name is Angela Kencana Soegono, or better known as Enca Soegono, or better yet known as @kencanae (that’s me on instagram, cause you know, millennials in the digital age and all). A 1997 spawn with an exquisite talent for ranting.

I’m that person who no one really knows about, but at the same time they’ve somehow heard of because of my all around wonderful personality (i feed off sarcasm, you’ve been warned).

I’m that girl who doesn’t really have any personal beef with anyone because really who gives a shit??, but yet people just don’t seem to like and make horrible gossips about. I only have a tiny handful of friends who fortunately have become accustomed to my ‘charms’, and a loving family which consists of the only handful of people i’m actually kind-of, sort-of nice to.

I have endured all of this for 20 years now and i have A LOT to say (more like rant, really), from beauty to friends to family to books to films to humor to politics to socials, and my personal favourite, feminism (YASSS!). And all around life as the kind of human that I am.

My friends think i’m a pain in the ass,

My family thinks i’m rotten,

I think i’m hilarious.

Now let’s see what you think 🙂