One of my most favourite things in life is reading. (NOT textbooks. No.)

Like dude, you don’t even know how much i love it. (See the goodreads tab on the sidebar. Totally check them out, btw.)

I read some non-fictions, but mostly fictions because i find them just that much more interesting. I’ve gone over countless paperbacks and ebooks in such a short time. I’m that type of person who downloads a bunch of ebooks and then if by the end i find that i really liked the ones i’ve read, i go buy the paperbacks.

Seriously dude, these ebooks take up the most space in my phone, tablet and laptop, and i have this one heavy hard-wired bag where i stash my paperbacks that i hide under a pile of junks in my room where no one could reach. No one touches my babies.

I haven’t been a bookworm for long and i’ve only just realized my love for reading a couple years back, midway through high school. It’s safe to say that I’ve went through about 50+ books in the past 4 years.

Now let’s get to the sappy part.

So a few years back on my 16th birthday a very good friend of mine (one of the only two people who knew about my struggles) gave me a copy of The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. I don’t remember what prompted him to get me this book, but i’m glad he did. No book has ever made such an impact in my life.

Everything in this book hit right close to home– things i don’t really like to talk about, both the pain and joy i felt while reading this book felt so real it’s almost like rehashing a very hard memory. Almost.

This book saved me. I know a lot of people say that in a cheesy way, but this shit seriously did, bruh.

It taught me a lot and pushed me to grow a backbone and face the struggles i’ve been avoiding. It pushed me to want to be a better person for myself. The ‘change’ didn’t happen immediately but rather gradually, more like another 2 years really. But this book helped build up to that moment.

Now? Now i am one free, liberated, content bitch.

And the fact that not really many people take time to actually get to know this story deeper through the book is frustrating to me. I know a lot of people liked Perks’ the movie, NOT that i think it’s a bad movie, but i just don’t think they did it justice. Even though Mr. Chbosky himself wrote and directed it, sometimes a journey of a story just can’t be compressed into a 2 hour movie.

Some people who love the book as much as I do blame it mostly on the PG-13 rating though, because there was just no room for that rawness in the book to penetrate through the film. Such a shame.

Plus, we were supposed to see Patrick mooning the whole school and i was SO READY to see Ezra Miller’s butt y’all. Again, shame.

But all in all, i guess what i’m trying to say is if you haven’t read the book already, please take the time to. Read a blurb or two, find out what it’s about and what the ‘struggles’ i meant are beforehand if you’re unsure. This will help you. Serious-fucking-ly.

Y’all thank me.

Sorry this wasn’t much of a rant. I’ll be sure to get back to it later.




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